How to make it stop

Recently, probably a few months now, I went out to lunch with a friend. She is in her mid-sixties, is very smart, very outspoken and very very fun. We went to a mid-range establishment, upper mid range more like it, that has great food, good service and a cocktail menu to die for.

As we entered, we were greeted by the greetery man who warmly welcomed us to the establishment before asking us to scan the Q CODE. I might just take this opportunity to let my great great great grandchildren who might be reading this (NANNY LOVES YOU!) that 2020 was a compete clusterfuck of a year and if Google is still the boss of the universe, She will be able to help you learn about it.

So I did what I was asked and waited for my mate to do the same, when she loudly voiced her strong opinion that she was not willing to do this. Then the man said that if she didn’t register, she would not be able to dine there.

I hissed at her out of the corner of my mouth “For fuck sake, just do ok!” because they had these barbecued grilled prawns that I had been thinking about all day, and she was starting to get stared at by other diners. Eventually she obliged but was clearly not happy.

We ate bbq prawns, dranks cocktail and solved no problems whatsover.

The end.

But not really.

As many of you are aware, I dropped out of life over the Spring because of this, and recently I have rejoined. This involved me opening my inbox and you could have blown me over with a feather!

Last night over dinner, which was lasagne and salad for those who are detail oriented, I asked Mr. Woog whether he was getting larger amounts of spam, more than usual.

Now my beloved normally runs on a very chill vibe but he looked up and exclaimed “IT IS RIDICULOUS!” I told him my theory that these businesses were selling the lists to marketing companies and all of a sudden I am getting peppy letters from unqualified online entrepreneurs telling me that if I buy their online course, my life will be infinitely better in ways one could only dream of! And how to maintain my erection, and that there were people in my area who were willing to copulate with me FOR FREE!

And it just seems to be getting worse.

Conspiracy theories aside, because I don’t want to open that box, how can we make it stop?