Why everyone actually is not an asshole.

The issue I have with the phrase first world problem is that it is bandied around so frequently, you really just feel like a fuckwit and there is no intelligent retort. It places you carefully back in your privileged box to suck up shame and feel guilty for everything that you have.

At a time in history that is filled with hate, people being dreadful to others, road rage, influencers forming tribes and publicly going to town on each other, Twitter being the cess pit it is, comparisons, despair, greed and envy, well it can all get a little overwhelming.

So I am here today to tell you about my first world problem.

I was roaming the city last week, hitting up every Chemist Warehouse to seek out and purchase my absolutely new favourite skin care product. It is THIS. It has been providing me with skin glowing properties that I have not enjoyed since 1995.

I was strolling down Pitt Street Mall in the glaring sun when I noticed a lady walking in front of me. Smartly dressed with a shiny swishing post-tail, she was handing out large bottles of cold water to the homeless.

It made me smile and also made me feel like a bit of a dick when I realised I had posted an Instagram story of my unsuccessful search for my serum.

I mean SERUM. I was searching for SERUM and I complained on a social media platform PUBLICLY about the fact that a SERUM had sold out world wide. I mean, up until a couple of years ago, the product didn’t even exist.

When I got home, I cringingly checked my Instagram and found a message from a reader in Dubbo, saying that her local Chemist Warehouse had the SERUM in stock, and would I like her to buy it for me and post it.

First World Problem.

Surely I could not expect a complete stranger to do that for me? But vanity won that hot summers day, and I asked her to grab me two bottles and thank you so so much and can I get your banking details and please let me know how much it all costs including your time and postage and thank you so so so much.

Then I pressed send.

And then, so many readers from all around the county “slid into my DM’s” (that is not a rude sexual reference Mum, it is direct messaging) telling me that their regional Chemist Warehouse also had stock and could they send me some! I was quite overcome with gratitude, all the while thinking “YOU ARE A FUCKING IDIOT WOMAN!” while I wrote back letting them know that a fellow country sister had already made that super kind offer.

First World Problems….

My new friend in Dubbo messaged me later in the day with the shipping details and a note to say that she would not accept any payment as she had been reading this little blog of mine for years and years and it was her way of showing her gratitude. And being a woman of my age, emotionally super charged, that was enough for me to burst into tears.

Over the kindness of a stranger. OVER A SERUM!

So, in conclusion to this yarn there are three things I would like to say. Random acts of kindness is the new black. CeraVe sort your shit out and most importantly, not everyone is an asshole.

They just tend to make the most noise.