This morning, it was as close to a “Come to Jesus” moment that is quite rare for an agnostic person such as myself. The sun was beaming down, the boys were all still asleep, tucked up in their beds, and well, it was a moment of serenity that was truly glorious.

I walked back into the kitchen to make coffee.

While it was brewing, my deep, yet fleeting, maternal instincts kicked in. I did what any idiot does and walked around to watch the kids sleep.

Back into the kitchen to collect my caffeinated beverage, a smell permeated my nostrils to the point that, I truly do believe, sizzled my nose whiskers. It transpired that shortly after I took this sweet snap, my intricate rubber soles of my well worn ugg boots connected with a steaming pile of fresh dog turd.

Which I then generously distributed throughout the entire house.

That will teach me for being grateful.