Dear Words from my Brain

Looking back on what we have been through, well I could never have forecast what we could achieve together.

Ever since I was a wee tacker, I loved stories. I adored reading, telling and writing words. Because words are weapons, power, love, tears, laughter and wonder. And for many years, Words from my Brain, you were free to be uncensored, and oh the adventures you took me on! All around the word be be honest. What a gift you gave me.

Words, you were my magnificent muscle. The more I used you, the stronger you got.

Then something happened to you BRAIN. You got scared. You started to doubt yourself and although you were once fearless and brave, you started to question your purpose.

You began to worry about what people thought about you. Your truth turned into a cookie cutter, beige coloured collection of saccharine sweet predictable content which was so boring to write, and I cannot imagine how dull it was to read.

Words and my Brain. I miss you terribly.

This year, you both checked out on me. Bastard assholes. I miss you. I miss the process of opening a fresh new word document and watch as my fingers dance on the keyboard not unlike Micheal Flatley (Lord of the Dance!)

I appreciate you for the years of creative release and tremendous satisfaction I get from reading about our past.

I make amends Brain, for advancing years which has made me question my relevancy and my place in this world.

And I forgive you for abandoning me for a while. But you are not getting away with that easily. To quote the wise words of The Jackson Five, “I want you Back.”


As Dorothy Boyd breathlessly declared to Jerry Maguire (from the film of the same name)…

“You complete me.”

Kind Regards,

Your Master.

PS I am taking back the reigns of this shit show xxx