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Parenting 101 – How to deal with whinging.

Whinging is defined as: to complain or protest, especially in an annoying or persistent manner. My personal definition is: a practice deployed by children to drive me fucking bonkers. Whinging is universal. Even offspring of famous couples whinge. Royal kids whinge. Kids in Target Ads whinge. You can see it wherever you go. Particularly … [Read more...]

Parenting 101 – Being Bored

"I'm bored." The national anthem of the school holidays, Australia wide. When the sun is shining, there is no reason to come and tell me this, as I will turn on you quicker than Tony Abbott can backflip on any of his election promises. If you are a small person and come to me, announcing that you are bored, I will set you to work arraying the … [Read more...]

Parenting 101 – Overcompensation

Overcompensation can be defined as;Excessive compensation, especially the exertion of effort in excess of that needed to compensate for a physical or psychological characteristic or defect.But I prefer to define it, when it comes to your kid, as allowing them the capacity to walk all over you and even coming to the point that I am willing to lay on … [Read more...]

Parenting 101 – The Bait and Switch

Welcome to the next instalment of my Parenting 101 series,  where I develop a theory, test it, measure it and report on ways that you can cut corners and cut guilt out of your own parenting journey.Eventually I am hoping to develop this series into a course which can be taught at Tafe.Today we are looking at ways to trick your kids when you have … [Read more...]

Parenting 101 – Dodging Bullets

"You and your child are invited to an information evening for all 1012 prospective New Band Members.  This is to take place in the school Hall at 6.30pm. This is an important evening and both Junior Band and Concert Band will be performing especially for you. You will get all the information needed on how to join the band program and hear the … [Read more...]

Parenting 101 – Passive Aggressive Bribes.

Where I live school went back today and to be honest I think I survived these holidays better than most.  Because I came up with a plan.  A plan so brilliant I should study the theory behind it (which is actually my own),  write an eBook about it,  get that eBook turned into an online tutorial, go on The Today Show as a parenting expert and then do … [Read more...]

Parenting 101 – Picking Your Battles

This is the sixth in a seemingly never ending series on parenting survival skills. So far we have covered......Calling Their BluffEmbarrassing the KidsStar of the WeekSubstitutionThe Follow ThroughNow,  I am not one to follow the advice of parenting experts,  as they do not know my kids.  My theories are based on practical, hands on research mixed … [Read more...]

Parenting 101 – Calling their bluff

This is the 5th in an ongoing series about how I parent my children in extremely mediocre style.  I have read no books on parenting, and base my practices purely on selfish and desperate measures.I truly think it is ok sometimes not to like your kids. I mean I LOVE my kids.  All of the time. I would happily live in Merrylands and throw myself in … [Read more...]

Parenting 101 – Star of the Week!

Welcome to Parenting 101,  a series which explored lame attempts at being a good parent.  In the past we have learnt about Embarrassing the Kids,  Substitution and Following Through.Today we will be exploring a little known phenomenon called Star of the Week.In Jack's class,  his teacher The Saintly Miss K has implemented an award called Star of … [Read more...]

Parenting 101 – Embarrassing the Kids

This morning Mr Woog did not bring me in coffee.This has got nothing to do with this blog post, but it is still irritating me. Bring me coffee! It was in our marriage vows remember?I left home a little earlier as I needed to stop and get some coffee on the way to school. Thank you. For nothing. Mr Woog.For some reason, Harry was tired and emo, like … [Read more...]