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Guest Post Sunday – Sawhole

SawHole has been my friend for over 20 years. When she was visiting a few weeks ago, my kids asked her why her name was SawHole, and not her name given to her at birth, which is actually Lisa. Horatio thought it might have had something to do with her butt… BUT, he was wrong. SawHole's name came about because as a teenager, she worked at a … [Read more...]

Saturdays with SawHole – A letter to Juila

Dear Prime Minister,It has come to my attention via my friend St Murphy that you are still maintaining your anti-gay marriage stance. We know it is the result of a deal you made with the Australian Christian Lobby to sure up your election chances. But you have broken enough election promises, why steadfastly maintain this one?Seven in 10 … [Read more...]

Faith, Knowledge, Discipline, Morals? SawHole chooses Catholic.

I am not blogging today. The NSW Teachers are on strike and I am hanging with the Woogettes. I fully support the teacher's strike.  They get paid shit. Especially the good ones. My kids both have brilliant teachers (who read this blog.... Hi Saintly Ms K and Cool Mr C). I know how much work teachers do. How come? Because I used to be one. Now I can … [Read more...]

Saturdays with SawHole Brockovich

Something stinks up Stockton way and SawHole is all over it....... hang on. That did not come out right. Rumour has it that Erin Brockovich will be storming Stockton to get to the botton of the recent issues.  For a while there,  I was so excited for SawHole getting to meet Julia Roberts..... hang on. That does not seem right.SawHole … [Read more...]

Saturdays with Sawhole. The Harvey Norman Edition.

I got an email overnight from some lady in America saying my blog is a bit negative. I realise it might be true this week.  But in my defence,  the kids are on school holidays,  I got a year older,  Mr Woog bought me a puffer jacket and Jack had a general anaesthetic.  But I always take criticism well,  so look out next week for some inspirational … [Read more...]

Why SawHole is Frightened of Babies.

SawHole is frightened of babies,  a fact that really came to light and became an issue when she visited me in hospital following Jack's arrival.  She had to be talked into giving Jack a cuddle. This was fine,  apart from the fact that she was 6 months pregnant herself and was going to have to face her fear soon.  Why is she scared of babies?  I … [Read more...]

Just ‘Cause You Didn’t Finish High School An’ Ain’t Got But Four Teeth In Your Mouth An’ One Uh Them Not Worth A Damn Dun mean Can’t Feelup SawHole

Just like peace and harmony can bring people together, so can irrational prejudice.While sitting on the verandah last week being served nibbles and soft drinks by Harry, Mrs Woog and I realised there was one section of society repelled us both.These, Woogsworld readers, are carnies.Carnie? What is that, you ask?Well, according to Wikipedia, carny … [Read more...]

Sundays with SawHole

SawHole is feeling very old this week because two people she knows from university are celebrating their 20th anniversary.I remember when these two were starry-eyed lovers were holding hands on the path down to our dorms.Mrs Woog and I used to stumble down that very same path, except we were hung over and clinging to McDonald's bags.The Divine Miss … [Read more...]

Jilted Schmilted Part 2 – SawHole’s Revenge

Ever hooked up with a toad? Most of us have. But SawHole had a lucky escape from a rather large turdy toad years ago. In this second installment, SawHole explains how she came out the other end of this drama shining. Missed Part 1? Click here first. After your Mum dies and your fiancee leaves you in the same year, you believe you will catch a … [Read more...]

Free Hugs with SawHole and Joe

SawHole has been busy scouring the globe, developing a new line of merch to celebrate the fact that Uber Australian Blogger Joe Hildebrand has agreed to become an official WoogsWorld Ambassador for the month of May. SawHole has a habit of developing little infatuations with people, such as Effram Strompsky, Anthony Albanese and Chuey Bravo. And she … [Read more...]