Noosa Surf Report

Growing up, we used to holiday at Terrigal on the NSW Central Coast. My grandparents had a holiday house right on the top of Barnhill Road, and when I use the term "house" I am being very generous. It was basically three rooms. The living kitchen area, a main bedroom and then an enclosed sleep out situation which had three sets of bunks, each … [Read more...]

Woog Soup

To me there is nothing more iconic than the great Australian Beach Holiday. It is the one holiday that I insist on every January. The three men fold always bitch and moan about it but I hold my finger up in silence. I am the fucking boss and you will do as I say. And of course when we arrive at the beach everyone is all like “This is … [Read more...]

What a Marvellous Catch!

Sponsored by Bupa   If you are anything like our family, if you shut your eyes right now you will hear the cry of cicadas, and the dulcet tones of Bill Lawry as he commentates the Ashes Test. The Ashes is the world famous cricket competition between Australia and England, and began back in 1877. It is constantly on at our place this … [Read more...]

How the Internet Killed Magazines

Back in the 80's, every second Saturday I would nag my Mum for my pocket-money, the grand sum of two dollars. I would get dressed and make my way up to the shops. I then would hightail it into the newsagency and put my paws on a freshly printed, brand spanking new copy of the best thing in the world. Smash Hits was my world. I would devour … [Read more...]

The Labrador Redemption

Have you ever wondered into a room and stood there, thinking to yourself "Why am I here?" You knew that you wanted to go into that room for a purpose, but as soon as you darkened the door frame, all memory, sense and logic leaves you? Similarly, have you spent some time looking for your keys/phone/wallet when you realise that they are right … [Read more...]

Self Help Junkie

This is but a snippet of the self help literature that I own. Self help is a BOOMING industry and when I mean BOOMING I mean billions of dollars are spent every year on books, apps, podcasts, seminars, TV shows, radio programs, blogs and taxi drivers. And at the moment they are all telling me to have a vision for 2018. And have a goal. And a plan … [Read more...]

Mrs Woog decides to stop killing herself

You may have heard the rumours around the inter-webs that I (hopefully) put out my last cigarette at around 9.30pm on Sunday night. An hour later, I called a mate and begged her to bring me a cigarette over, but thankfully she was too pissed to oblige me. So in the last 24 hours I have experienced every single emotion known to humankind, … [Read more...]

The time between Christmas and New Year

Well hello and good day to you all. I hope you are enjoying all the spoils of the season. This is a funny old time, these days between Christmas and New Years Eve, where you are waking up and ten am, watching stupid movies, avoiding the heat, eating ham and forgetting what day it is. For those who are interested, it is Friday 29th of … [Read more...]

Why the little moments matter

Brought to you by Bupa When I was four, I inherited my older sisters bike because she had grown out of it. It was a big day for me, as I watched my Mum screw back on the training wheels, long since abandoned by my bike-conquering sibling. I used to tear around the streets as I gained confidence. I got lucky, with only the occasional scraped … [Read more...]

As part of my therapy

Sponsored by the Australian Physiotherapy Association   2017, around these parts, will be remembered as the year that Mr. Woog did his back in. Deadlifting weights at the gym in a bid to stave off his inevitable mid-life crisis, he felt a little twinge in his lower back. Being the traditional Aussie fella, he took a dose of “She’ll … [Read more...]