When Instagram Goes Down

For a few hours yesterday, the world seemed a bit lighter. A bit more real and a little more happier. I wasn't sure what was going on but I was quite productive and felt good. And then it became obvious. Instagram was down. Instagram is a photo sharing app that is owned by the overlord Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook. It was launched in October … [Read more...]

A Weekend in Bathurst

Mrs Berry was supposed to pick me up in the Berry Bus on Friday, "around midday" I was informed. So being a sticker for punctuality, I woke early, washed my hair, did all those annoying jobs one must do before leaving the family for the weekend like emptying the lint from the dryer (apparently no one else can do this), cleaning out the kitty litter … [Read more...]

Mrs Woog, Mrs Berry & Anthony Robbins walk into a bar…

  I first met Kim Berry in 1992 at Charles Sturt University when we were both naive eighteen year olds freshly deposited from poncy north shore private schools. Kim was a prefect and I was lucky enough not to be expelled. Kim had stars in her high achieving eyes whereas if I did actually turn up to a lecture, there was a big chance … [Read more...]

Woogsworld turns 10 today + GIVEAWAY

On this day, ten years ago, I typed in How To Blog into Google, and set up a little site called Woogsworld. If you had told me that this little blog would grow and grow and would eventually become my business, I would tell you to lay off the weed because BITCH BE WHACK! During the past decade social media has changed so much, but I don't … [Read more...]

Everyday I’m Hustling

  One thing I have recently done is to dramatically cut back on the time I spend scrolling complete bullshit on social media. So much bull shit and it is such a time suck, I mean it is so easy to watch an hour of funny cat videos while life passes you by. The other annoying thing about Facebook is the glut of online entrepreneurs trying … [Read more...]

What I have learnt after ten years of blogging

  It has been a decade since I opened a blogger account and registered the name WoogsWorld. Yep, toiling away for ten years, if you can believe that thank you very much! So I thought I would look back and reflect how blogging has changed during that time. And boy, how has it changed. Back in the day it was very much focused on community, … [Read more...]

The time between Christmas and New Year

Well hello and good day to you all. I hope you are enjoying all the spoils of the season. This is a funny old time, these days between Christmas and New Years Eve, where you are waking up and ten am, watching stupid movies, avoiding the heat, eating ham and forgetting what day it is. For those who are interested, it is Friday 29th of … [Read more...]

Is Instagram killing Blogging?

I started blogging back in 2008 because I had a baby and a toddler and was slowly going a little bit bonkers. Like, I swear, if the Seventh Day Adventists knocked on my door, I was sorely tempted to invite them in, make them a coffee and invite them to sit down and have a chat, such was my need for human connection. There was this thing called … [Read more...]

How to spot a fake

I have been around the block a few times when it comes to all things blogging, and I pretty much have seen it all. The drama, the tantrums, full scale wars at times. And because I like to avoid confrontation and drama, I am pretty good at keeping my head down and chug along here bringing you the stories that I think you might find interesting. … [Read more...]

The Social Media Flounce Off!

In a recent national survey, a very worrying fact was revealed. We spend approximately six hours a week socialising with family and friends but a whopping 46 hours entrenched in social media. Even more reasons to clutch your pearls is that 54% of us spend between five to ten hours on social media every single day! Do you think that there is … [Read more...]