A blog about nothing

I woke up this morning and for the first time in a long time, I did not need to reach for my slippers and my dressing gown! Winter? BYE BYE FELICIA! Which is a good thing for me as I loathe the cold weather and find it quite depressing when grey skies hang around for days after days. I have a life lesson that I adhere to and I think you should … [Read more...]

Won’t somebody please think of the children?

There is nothing like having a blog and a social media platform that allows people to tell you off! Write about tax on tampons and you are "ruining the environment!" because I am not plugging up with something called a moon cup. Write a blog post titled Why I have decided to get botox and watch the hounds be released! I am a disgrace to women the … [Read more...]

Reality Bites

Oh social media, you little minx. In the famous words uttered by Kramer "She's A seductress, she is a siren, she is a virgin, she is a whore!" Depending what your platform of choice is, you can often be left to feel ugly, unsuccessful, mediocre and sometimes downright dreadful. On the flipped of course, you can feel connected, uplifted and … [Read more...]

A Weekend Quickie with Jessica Rowe

I first met Jessica Rowe in 2013 when I was a plus one at the launch of her book Love, Wisdom, Motherhood. It was basically love at first sight. Jess is one of those rare creatures that has been faced with some pretty rough challenges but has pulled through and gone on to soar. Please sit back and enjoy a weekend quickie with the amazing Ms. … [Read more...]

The end of WoogsWorld

Or so I thought..... On Thursday, about mid morning, it was bought to my attention that my blog was GONE. "No biggie...." I thought to myself, thinking that some regular maintenance was going on behind the scenes. "It's all good..." I then went and spoke at the Mum's Society event with a couple of Scallywags. I came away thinking that if … [Read more...]

Seventeen Quick Questions

Do you remember when you were in Kindy and you had Show and Tell, or News? You would stand up in front of the class and hold out something that you found in the car on the way to school because you forgot it was your news day. As you hold out your well worn copy of the Gregories Map book and spin some bullshit about it, you finish your spiel with … [Read more...]

Boring Old Mole, or is that Moll?

Every couple of years, I put together a little survey for you, dear reader, to fill out. It gives me feedback from my readers which helps me decide which path to take with this little blog of mine. But before we get to that, I thought I would share with you a few facts about WoogsWorld. This will be my 2256th blog post published. My first … [Read more...]

Bloggers told to “Drink a cup of Cement”

My friend Mrs. O'Neill lent me a copy of Sarah Knight's very funny book The Life-Changing magic of not Giving a Fuck. In it, she dismantles a whole heap of emotions such as guilt, obligations and shame. With modern life dictating to us that BUSY IS GOOD, there are a whole heap of us out there who are struggling to keep our heads above water. This I … [Read more...]

Disclosure is not a dirty word.

When people ask me what I do and I tell them, there is always one question that gets asked first. "How do you make money from that?" Being a professional blogger sounds amazing. But the truth is, it is bloody hard work. You have to show up and write stories or "create content" as they say these days, to a hard earned readership that can rival … [Read more...]

Why I Started My Blog

You know, as a grown up in social situations, you are quite often asked the question. "So, what do you do for a living?" It is often just a question to find connections in conversations. When I am asked I tell them that I am a writer. And then you get the next question. "What do you write?" And I tell them I have written a book, write … [Read more...]