Julia Watson And Her Legacy.

I first met Julia Watson online. We were both bloggers and both struggling to finish writing a book. We connected online and went onto firm a lovely friendship. Our first physical meeting was at her Sydney Book launch. We both admitted a little later that we were quite nervous to meet each other, because there was an element of "Fan-Girling" … [Read more...]

STACKS ON! An observation in online behaviour.

Straight up, let me be clear. I ain't no Pollyanna. Not by a long stretch. I get irritated by stuff all the time. Like how, when the kids come home from school, they open and leave open every single kitchen cabinet in the hope that they will find my secret stash of Wagon Wheels. (Ha! Don't even keep then in the kitchen...) Ernst & Young … [Read more...]

Barkly Women’s Day!

A couple of months ago I was issued an invitation to attend something called Barkly Women's Day, along with BabyMac, Styling You and A Cooker and a Looker, blogging chums of mine. I agreed to it, and the very notion of the event left my cerebral matter. Until that date came around and I jumped on a plane from Sydney to Brisbane, then Brisbane to … [Read more...]

A little trip down memory lane….

I am not blogging today because I am trying to do some research into the workings of an adolescent's brains. It is quite fascinating. Anyway, I thought I would share with you some of your most loved posts from over the years. Because reading is sexy YO! No, I was not wearing nice knickers. In this little yarn, I tell the story of what happened … [Read more...]

Kindness makes me EMO

Last weekend I went to my mate BabyMac's long lunch to celebrate her ten years of blogging. Another good mate of mine Wendy Harmer also came along. There was a lot of love in the room. Wendy did a bit of impromptu stand up which had the room in stitches. Mainly she said that menopause and puberty should never share the same roof. Now, I … [Read more...]

You will never believe who has been accused of writing click bait!

Yesterday I had an exchange with a reader who thought I was writing click bait. Because it was raining outside, and my mood correlates directly with the weather, and because I was listening to the Republican National Convention, my demeanour was low. So I chucked a tantrum, like a three year old would at the checkout when it's mother will not buy … [Read more...]

Five things to do for superior selfies.

When my hot water system blew up last week, the hot water company asked me to take a photo of it and text it to them, so they could assess the situation. "What did we do before iPhones?" I asked the lady. I use my iPhone for so much more than partaking in conversations. I write notes on it. Film on it. Take photos on it. Set reminders and … [Read more...]

Spam Rage

Spam. It is a tin of meat that you can get at the shops. It's name is derived from SPARE HAM and it gained enormous popularity during World War 2 because it was so preserved, soldiers could eat it. From the tin. Excuse me while I go throw up a little bit.... Ok, so spam is also the endless emails that you get from people and companies that you … [Read more...]

Not everyone’s cup of tea.

The other day I got a comment on an old post that floored me. You see, on the odd occasion and when the mood strikes which is hardly ever, I post a recipe. Now, posting recipes is a bit like posting a fashion story. It is tedious and a lot of hard work, with photos and steps to write. They are part of The Oven Slaving series, of which you can check … [Read more...]

WoogsWorld Turns 8

Every couple of years, I ask a favour of you. I ask you to de-lurk! De-lurking is the delightful practice of putting your hand up and saying hello. Do you know that I have been writing this blog for eight years today? That is a hell of a lot of mundane ramblings, where we have covered off very interesting topics such as birth, life, death, … [Read more...]