The Panettone Police

Not since the great drop crotch jean debate of 2012 that played out on my Instagram account, have I received so much backlash from a piece of video content EVER. I was just walking though Harris Farm, filming a little story for my friends who suffer from inflammation. You see, I had been privy to this piece of information during Monday's session … [Read more...]

How to make chicken schnitzel in the oven

I know that this blog post title isn't the most sexy or alluring, but I think that it is important to share game changers, so here we are. I love a pub dinner and I rate these pubs purely on their chicken schnitzel. Now schnitty is a bit like sex, or pizza. Even when it is pretty ordinary it is still pretty good. It is a crowd favourite. … [Read more...]

Winter is coming

This week, I have done a few things that has signaled to me that Winter is truly on its way. Firstly, I was bringing in the garbage bins from the street, when I slipped and fell on some gathered wet leaves. I didn’t fall hard, but I was able to look up, while flat on my back, and noticed the large tree that was shredding Mother Nature’s … [Read more...]

Oven Slaving with Mrs Woog – Chicken and Veggie Tray Bake

It has been quite some time between feeds. I only do recipe blogs when I stumble across something amazing, or accidentally come up with my own masterpiece! Who can forget the Chicken and Leek Lasagne Miracle! Anyway, today I am going to share with you my latest find. I couldn't come up with a super sexy name for it, so Chicken and Veggie Tray … [Read more...]

When food makes me angry

Rational Mrs Woog - "Don't write about it! It is exactly what they want. They will love the media attention. You are eating out of the palm of their hand...." Normal Irrational Mrs Woog - "They cross bred a donut with an energy drink? What the actual fuck? Who thinks of these things! When I get home I am going to write an outraged blog post … [Read more...]

The Most Superior Schnitzel in Sydney

I have tried, God knows how hard, to sample recommended schnitzels around Sydney. Up until this point Una's in Darlinghurst held the crown, but I have news. She has been toppled! This is very controversial I know but please hear me out. Back in 1980, Neville Wran gave away a parcel of land near Frenchs Forrest. Local European Communities got … [Read more...]

Easy, Cheesy, Chicken Empanadas

Sponsored by Steggles Meet my Nanna Marion. Sitting on her lap is my cousin Thomas and my sister Lizzy is rocking the red pants. And sporting her awesome coke bottle glasses? Well that would be my good self! Nanna was the nicest woman in the world. A farmer’s wife, she raised six kids on the farm. Not an easy gig, but she was the best … [Read more...]

Cape Malay Chicken Curry

Sponsored by Steggles It is quite often said about motherhood, that the days are long but the years are short, and it isn’t until I flick though photo albums that this really rings true. In the blink of an eye! When Horatio was a baby, there was nothing I would prefer to do than lie on the rug with him and play. I loved making him laugh. … [Read more...]

I love food but sometimes it doesn’t love me back

Sponsored by Weight Watchers Out of all the weight loss businesses we have on offer, Weight Watches is the one that I believe is the best. Losing weight is hard. I exercise regularly for my mental health but mainly weight loss is about what you put in your pie hole. But for someone who loves food as much as I do, it was important to really look at … [Read more...]

A Weekend Quickie with Julie Goodwin

I first met Julie Goodwin at a mutual friends birthday party and I have been a firm fan ever since. Not only does she cook like a culinary ninja, she exudes joy from every pore. She is also hilarious, no kidding, what a wit. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this weekend quickie and don't forget to enter in the comments for your change to grab her newly … [Read more...]