How to make the worlds best chicken pie

Sponsored by Steggles There comes a time when your family moves from being a one roast chook family, to a two roast chook family. But what happens when one is too few and two is too many? What to do with that leftover chook? How can you turn it into another meal? And not just any old leftover chook meal, but one that is so delicious, so moreish … [Read more...]

The worlds best chicken noodle soup

Sponsored by Steggles The smell hit me as I opened the front door of Mrs. Goodman’s joint. The smell of warmth and love and beckoning. One of my most favourite aromas ever. Smells that I adore include the following.... A young baby’s skin Freshly cut grass Gardenias Coffee Popcorn My Asian Neighbour’s house at 6pm because I … [Read more...]

What’s your poison?

oh gee cannot wait I still recall, as if it were yesterday, the moment I realized that I was addicted to coffee. The year was 1996 and I was in the midst of backpacking around the globe with a passport and not a care in the world. I had ended up staying in the spare room of a distant elderly Dutch relative in the suburbs of Amsterdam. I … [Read more...]

Fine Dining Water WTAF

If I was ever to meet the person who shelled out $60,000 for a bottle of the world’s most expensive water, I would like to think I would take great pleasure in throwing it in their face. Maybe use it for brushing my teeth. Or perhaps do the washing up in it? That is correct. A bottle of Acqua di Cristallo Tributo Modigliani will set you back … [Read more...]


Sponsored by Steggles Australia Day is nigh and like most folks, we will be spending it by a body of water with the Barbie turned on. As you know, I have been working with Steggles on all things chook, and they have come up with a groovy little invention for you to try this Australia Day. And of course, I have road-tested it and it has received … [Read more...]

Roasting 101

Sponsored by Steggles On the occasion that we spend the weekend with Mum, there is always the following conversation. Mum – “What would you like for di.....” Boys – “ROAST CHICKEN!” Every. Single. Time. And that’s ok with her because it is one that she can knock out without thinking about it. There is, however, the wishbone argument … [Read more...]

Moroccan Chicken (For The Win!)

Sponsored by Steggles  If someone was to ask me what my greatest passion was, I couldn’t just answer with one. In no particular order, my passions are as follows. Family Food in general Really delicious food Friends Catching up with family and friends Outstanding food So in a way I am lucky that most occasions where I do … [Read more...]

“Make mine a turmeric latte!”

Coffee and I began our relationship in the spring of 1996, so nearly twenty years ago. I estimate this as I was in Amsterdam and it was Spring there but not here. Anyway, I was staying with an elderly relative who lived on the outskirts of the city in a little terrace-style house. I remember thinking it was a little strange because she had a photo … [Read more...]

Menu Envy

I read an article the other day about Sydney Fancy Pants CELEBRITY Chef Neil Perry and his new restaurant called Eleven Bridge. I thought for a moment he must have just looked around and named two things. I can do it now! Glass Mouse. Mortein Apple. You have a try! It's easy. Turns out that Neil was just lazy, as it is the actual address of the … [Read more...]

Things to do {and eat!} in Noosa.

I have been to Noosa three times now. The first two times were for work, and it was super busy so I didn't really get to just be. These school holidays, we were excited at the thought of going to Hawaii, but then a cat vet bill came in, causing a catastrophic hit to the old bank account, so our grand plans had to be somewhat scaled back. Mr. Woog … [Read more...]