The drinks are on me!

Sponsored by the most excellent, generous folk at WineMarket The year was 2012. I was home alone with the kids, as Mr. Woog was away for work. Having wrangled the lads during dinner and bath time, I tucked them both into bed and I had one thing on my mind. Actually, make that two. It was a Thursday night and my favourite show at the time, CSI … [Read more...]

Spam Rage

Spam. It is a tin of meat that you can get at the shops. It's name is derived from SPARE HAM and it gained enormous popularity during World War 2 because it was so preserved, soldiers could eat it. From the tin. Excuse me while I go throw up a little bit.... Ok, so spam is also the endless emails that you get from people and companies that you … [Read more...]

Bag Dumps. A post that may just change your life.

Last night I was having a social media whinge about having to cook and why do I use every pan and how I am totally over it. A lot of readers had very helpful suggestions, and then there was one lady, whom we shall call Christy Grove, for indeed that is her name, shared with us what she does.... "Hey hon. I have a consolidated set of slow cooker … [Read more...]

Thai Green Curry

I made this. Thai Green Curry. It is the one thing that I have never been able to make successfully at home. A few months ago, I had another crack at it and thought to myself... "Why don't I squeeze in a bit of lime in that?". And so I did. And then the whole bloody thing curdled into a revoting mess and I had to chuck it in the bin and fire up … [Read more...]


#everyfuckingnight..... Every morning Jack wakes me up and asks the question "What are we having for dinner?". I am not kidding. Every single morning. I don't mind cooking here and there, but I am really starting to resent having to do it everyday. My podcast buddy Kim is a terrific cook, despite having started the hashtag #everyfuckingnight. But … [Read more...]

My New Diet. Try it?

So after yesterdays declaration that personal blogging is OVAH, I started to panic. How was I going to remain viable and relevant in a Pinterest world? I mean, I do have two boards, one about cats and the other about ugg boots, but something was missing. I needed to find out what I could develop so I could keep up with the fast paced race that is … [Read more...]

Why you may not leave the table.

I have this Aunty. Her name is Aunty Penny. She is my Mum's oldest sister and is kind of an earth mother. Scrap that. She IS the original earth mother. We spent some great times with her and her family growing up. She is not afraid to talk about everything. She is into gardening and travelling. Recently Mum and Aunty Penny went on a textile tour … [Read more...]

Passionfruit and Lime Tom Collins? Don’t mind if I do…

Sponsored by Diageo It’s the simplest things that make the BIGGEST impressions! With the roses here blooming like a festival of petals, and star jasmine releasing its delicate scent throughout the house, there is no denying that Summer is almost here. Thank the heavens, I say! Its appearance also signals the start of the social season. … [Read more...]

A simple sense of occasion.

Sponsored by Diageo One of my fondest memories was of my Mum and “Aunty” Fran sitting on the front verandah on a Friday evening, drinking G & T’s and treating us all to a kilo of prawns. I enjoyed how relaxed my mum was when entertaining and how she always greeted people with a welcome drink – it’s like a big hug in a glass. I now take that … [Read more...]

Advice for Kitten Owners.

Did you know that yesterday was International Black Cat Day? Black cats have got a bad rap. People do not to own them as they do not photograph well. (I am serious! Click here) If you have a black cat, I am hoping you haven't woken up this morning suffering from a hangover. I hope you celebrated sensibly. Like with a warm bowl of milk. But … [Read more...]