Circling The Drain

Something interesting happened yesterday. I shared on my Facebook page a photo of my fingernails. Apologies and trigger warning goes out to my friend Faux Fuchsia. Chipped nail polish revolts her. Pretty gross to some I suppose. Picking off shellac is not for the faint hearted. Anyway, I captioned the photo with the following... Self … [Read more...]

Weeping for your well-being

CIS:CIRC.366-1964 A recently spent a few days away with a dear friend. She is kind of like a goat to my thoroughbred tendencies. Basically, Mrs Webster is ace in every single way. Apart from the fact that she likes to cry a lot. No, don't get me wrong! I do my fair share of weeping. Maybe as a result of not coping with the kids continually … [Read more...]

On Trend, with Bob Katter

Fashion is fickle. Every season we are presented with options that have trickled down from the catwalks of Paris, loosely modified for your everyday person, and winds up on the racks of establishments such as Zara, Witchery and numerous clothing retailers for us to consider purchasing, so we can remain "on trend." According to Glamour Magazine, … [Read more...]


These are the faces of life-long friends. These are the faces of 45. These are the faces that have avoided make-up for a month. This is basically an advertisement for the importance of sunscreen in your youth! These are the faces that where THRILLED to be sent handmade Pussy Hats from a reader/listener Susan. Please join us in this fortnights … [Read more...]

Bring Back the Clap!

  In no way am I suggesting you get out there and act like an alley cat to pick up gonorrhoea, it is far too hot this summer for such shenanigans. I am talking about the art of the applause. You see, I recently took a flight from Sydney to Queensland which went without need to comment, until it came to the landing. As the tyres touched … [Read more...]

The International Language of Disdain

For me, there is nothing to feel upset or bad about when you board an aircraft destined for a tropical location, but as myself and my pal were to find out recently, not all share our impending joy. We boarded out flight from Singapore to Phuket, fuelled with both excitement and one screamingly cold and delicious glass of champagne, which is our … [Read more...]

How to sleep

INTENTION Ten pm would see me mindfully brushing my teeth while reflecting on what I am grateful for. Following this, I take a magnesium tablet, rub magnesium oil on the soles of my feet before getting into bed. Pop on a sleep meditation and drift off within minutes. REALITY Fall asleep, fully clothed including bra, on the couch in front of Q … [Read more...]

Funk Busters

My youngest son saved up his pocket-money and bought himself one of those light boxes from Typo. Every night he comes up with a new positive mantra. Last night was MAKE IT #COUNT. Some of them are adorable, and some of them are ridiculous, but each night I tuck him in and take note of his daily message to himself. They always have a hashtag for … [Read more...]

Why is it so hard to say NO?

  I have a very good friend of mine who is excellent at saying "NO". She only knows one sentence in Italian, (which is one more than me!) and when I ask her to do something or go somewhere and it doesn't work for her she says "Displace che non e possible per me" which when translated means "Sorry that is not possible for me!" I … [Read more...]

The Benefits of Binging

Sponsored by Presto   Agent “How do you feel about doing a job where you get to watch TV?” Mrs. Woog *Jumps into bed with her iPad* I am a late adopter when it comes to binge watching television series, but although I might be late to the party, I am nothing if not committed to the practice now. What a way to spend a lazy Sunday … [Read more...]