Mixed Business

It wasn't the beautiful days on the beach. It wasn't Christmas. It wasn't endless games of cricket and it wasn't playing with all their mates. The best part of the kids holiday was when Mr.Woog gave them $2 each and let them loose in the Mixed Business Store on the road that exits Umina. Now the interesting thing about this little shop is … [Read more...]

One Summer.

Oh lord you must be so sick of me blogging from the beach! My endless summer, however is coming to an end due to some work commitments ┬ánext week. Tune in to ABC 702 on Sunday Night at 8.30, because GOOOOOOD EVENNNNING AAAUUUSTTTRALIAAAAA! But back to the beach. Particularly spectacular people watching today, all helped by magnificent … [Read more...]

Microdermabrasion* for free? Ask me how!

Ever since I wrote this post, I have re-evaluated the way that I enter the water. I was spending way to much┬átime torturing myself, and now? Well, I run at that shoreline like an upright baby hippopotamus might do, take a giant leap, and land with aplomb! It is so much better, and although it still maintains some sort of dramatic fashion, it is … [Read more...]

Shoplifting at Coles.

The other day was a stinking hot day. I had to go to the supermarket and let me tell you this for free, walking into that air-conditioning was just about the best feeling ever. It was the sort of heat that kept folk indoors, so it was very quiet in that supermarket, apart from the fact that I could not go past the ice cabinet without sticking my … [Read more...]

How Low Can You Go?

The kids set up a lemonade stall yesterday and managed to raise $45 for the RSPCA. They had a hoot selling their wares. People are generally pretty cool to kids. But one car drove past and yelled at them... "You Fucking C*nts!" Let us just pause there a moment and have a think about what sort of a moron would do such a thing. It reminded … [Read more...]

The Underwear Assault.

Let me just start out by saying that I am one of those ladies that benefits from a bra. I have mates who can spend the while summer bra-less, in swimmers, and not be bothered by it one little tit. Yesterday we were heading to a surf beach so that Mr Woog could teach Harry how to. Before that though, we needed to pop into the supermarket to grab … [Read more...]

“Can I please have one nachos, one bucket of prawns and a fisherman’s basket.”

So my sister and I were lined up yesterday at the local Beachfront pub, ready to order some lunch. This particular pub has recently changed hands and the food is now worth the wait. It used not to be. But word has got out and now the line at 1pm snakes out the door. So you have about 20 minutes to decide what you are wanting to eat. You also get … [Read more...]

Nothing could be finer than a-shopping in Umina!

Umina is a little seaside town situated on the NSW Central Coast. Named after the aboriginal meaning, Place of Sleep, it is indeed a place that I sleep solidly. It is also the nearest township to Jabba the Hut, so I have gotten to know it well over the years. A trip to Umina should include the following; Purchase the worlds best BBQ Chicken … [Read more...]

What was the Best and Worst of your Christmas?

It is Boxing Day, perhaps my favourite of all the days. It is Christmas without the hype, the expectations and the melt-downs. A lot of people travelling to their summer holidays (Please drive carefully!) and Jabba the Hut Town is turning it on big time. Mr.Woog has gone back to bed and the rest of the family is watching the Boxing Day Test. I … [Read more...]

Jingle Bells

My Mum recently returned from a "Fabric Tour of India", and yes. There is such a thing. And a bit like when you travel to Bali or Thailand and you start to think that wearing top to toe tie-dye is a great idea, Mum embraced the jingly anklet. Out of ten, the annoying factor would come in at an 8 as you can hear her comings and goings around … [Read more...]