A screw loose

I looked at the receptionist an admitted to her out loud. "I am really bad at adulting."  She didn't miss a beat, bless her cotton socks, and admitted that she wasn't really great at it herself which was alarming as she was a medical receptionist and they are some of the most powerful people on the planet. The thing about growing up is … [Read more...]

Why do I get goosebumps?

If you listened the The Hot Flush this week, the Premiere Podcast for the Peri-menopausal, you would understand the title of this blog post straight away. For you see, during the recordings I got goosebumps. BADLY! And I asked Mrs Berry why did we get goosebumps and she didn't know. Then I said that I might do some research and share my … [Read more...]

Honour the Women in your life

One of life’s pleasures is to get a professional massage. I adore getting a massage and always think, “Why don’t I get these more regularly?” but due to time and fiscal restraints, they are more of a “special occasion” pursuit than an up keeping exercise. Brushing your teeth is an up keeping exercise. Using deodorant is an up keeping exercise. … [Read more...]

Kissing Toads

Like many of you, last night I sat on the couch with a girlfriend, clutching a glass of wine and looking on in horror as JUSTIN sprang a pash on Carly on that show Married at First Sight, which I will never declare publicly that I watch it because I am far too high brow for such low rent television. Please keep that tidbit to yourself. My … [Read more...]

Saturdays in Bigga

On the sixth of July 1973 at Tamworth Base hospital a new baby was born. That baby was me! Born in the Country Musical Capital of the Country and I spent the first five years of my life living in various country towns. My Mum's family hailed from a little town outside of Forbes, Binnaway if you are interested. My grandfather was a wheat and … [Read more...]

Why I got divorced

Oh look at you, clicking onto that headline in anticipation of some decent gossip! That's ok. When a blogger gets divorced it can be BIG NEWS! Like when Heather and Jon decided to separate, they had to handle the media's interest in their split. Mr. Woog and I are unlikely to divorce because we have an arrangement in place that whoever leaves … [Read more...]

Game, set, match!

In my never-ending quest to become the most polished trophy wife in the whole of the district, this week I started competition tennis. I had been systematically and methodically nagged to near death by Mrs O'Kelly for a little over two years now to join the club and finally, in a moment of weakness, I agreed. I found a teammate and then … [Read more...]

What Is Magnesium

Ok so last week, we talked about meditation and how everyone is doing it and if you are not doing it you are a total loser, remember? I also alluded to the other trendy M word... Recently Mum spent a week up at the fancy pants fat farm  health retreat called Gwinganna. She came home refreshed and relaxed and can throughly recommend the … [Read more...]


With every trip around the sun I take, my body makes slight changes. Like yesterday, I noticed two small, dark red dots had appeared on my forearm. I pointed these out to a mate and asked her what she thought they were. "Darls," she said in her matter of factness, "You are getting old and your skin is thinning...." Jesus! Talk about a … [Read more...]

The Best Concert in the World

Yesterday at Ten am, Mrs Jenkins downed tools at Huffy Puffy and excused herself for the last fifteen minutes of our complaining exercise session with out Huffy Puffy Trainer to the Reluctant. Her reason? Because the best thing about being a woman is her prerogative to have a little fun, and Mrs Jenkins LOVES a live concert! She is always … [Read more...]