Do you know what tomorrow is?

I know a lot of you have been around since the start of this little blog of mine, merci! One of the great things about blogging, both reading and writing them, is that your tastes change and things that might be relevant for you one year, is completely irrelevant the next! It is all part of the charm of getting older. But there is one thing that … [Read more...]

The Modern Mother Manifesto

Please indulge  me while I have a Jerry McGuire moment and blurt out some words. This is a manifesto for mothers of teenagers and tweens. AHEM I love… You both. You are both amazing in many ways. Being your mum. Seeing you set goals and achieve them. That you are growing up into fully paid up decent members of the human race. I … [Read more...]

Teenaged Boys and their toys

When I was thirteen, I really wanted a pair of glittery jelly shoes so I could be just like everyone else. My request was DENIED because it was an object of desire rather that an object of practicality and instead I got a pair of practical, sturdy sandals. Sturdy does not always equate to attractive and I was jealous of all my jelly wearing … [Read more...]


Unless you have been living under a rock, you would know by now that Princess Kate is expecting her third child. This, apparently, has lifted the spirits of the British People. Kate was kind of has to come clean on her pregnancy as she is suffering from a condition called Hyperemesis gravidarum which is like morning sickness on crack. I do not know … [Read more...]

The Influenza Bonanza of 2017

Look, I had put off commentating on this particular topic because BORING but I don't think I can anymore. Myself, well a head cold had threatened me several times but with the help of Codral Day and Night tablets, I did what they ad told me to do and SOLDIERED ON. Alas a member of Clan Woog has finally succumbed to the filthy cold that is … [Read more...]


Something quite mortifying happened to me recently and I think I have recovered enough to tell you all about it. Just. Remember when I was supposedly spending six weeks in hospital on bedrest because I was expecting twins? No? Read about it here. You would have thought I would have learnt my lesson, but no. Last Friday I was hanging out with … [Read more...]

Is it just me?

I get it. We are all super busy. Whether you are running kids around to sports practices and orthodontists appointments, working, either paid or unpaid or just basking in the general hectic pace that is modern life, "How are you?" BUSY I try my very best to make the most of the non-busy time where I can down tools for a bit and just … [Read more...]

I am not a Chinese Delegate even though I was for a moment

The day started like any other. She stretched out in bed before donning her new birthday ugg boots and chucking on a jumper. Into the kitchen she went and flicked on her Nespresso machine. Next task was to wake the giant man-boy from his deep slumber. "Get Up!" she said before flicking on his light. "JESUS CHRIST MUM!" "Get … [Read more...]

How to bond with your sports mad son + a very cool giveaway!

Sponsored by Steggles One of my fondest childhood memories was going to the footy with my Nanna and my Pa. They were MAD Parramatta supporters and even moved to the suburb so they could walk to the matches. I was also a mad footy fan, but my team was the Western Sydney Magpies. I thought Terry Lamb was the ant’s pants and I wanted to be Tommy … [Read more...]

Just give me your phone

Dear zombies Dear Children, See that photo up there? That is how we used to communicate with our friends. We would consult something that looked like this.... Then we would dial the number in a clockwise direction. When the other person's Mum answered, you had to say something along the lines of a cheery greeting, identify yourself and … [Read more...]