Don’t Fuck with Phyllis

Is it just me, or is there a sniff of bitchiness and resentfulness in the air at the moment? Look, I know that the world can be a big, scary place and that the news seems to be always bad, but christ on a cracker can we all take a Xanax and have a good lie down already? They say smile and the whole world smiles with you. They also say fart, and … [Read more...]

When the newsreader becomes the news

Over the past decade or so, the rise of celebrity culture has gone into complete overdrive. It seems we are searching constantly searching for the latest "it" person to lift up and celebrate. It is an interesting phenomena and one that I feel has a lot to do with reality television and the shift in the way we consume media. With media outlets … [Read more...]

The Dogs’ Breakfast

  For your listening pleasure! … [Read more...]

Do not ask for sex as refusal may offend!

TRIGGER WARNING - SEXUAL HARRASSMENT Had a massage this week, which was well deserved after a seemingly very long school holiday break. As I sat and waited I noticed this sign on the wall. I read it about a dozen times because I could not quite understand its intention. I know that this establishment does not do "happy endings", but DO … [Read more...]

The Hot Flush – Episode Five

We're fast and furious this episode with Kim getting Gilligan's Island and Rugby League confused while Mrs Woog embraces the downward dog to avoid her husband. … [Read more...]

Grounds for divorce

Sponsored by PMT and a hint of resentment  Ask any of my family what my most annoying habit is, and they will all tell you the same thing.  “She is crap at answering her phone” I know this; because when I see each and every one of them, that is the first sentence that they greet me with. I hate answering the phone, mainly because no one ever … [Read more...]

94 Days

Yesterday I had my first "We must try and catch up  before Christmas!" thrown at me. Please note that it is September. And all of the shops are selling highly marked up cheap Chinese made crap already. There are exactly 94 days until Christmas Day, and I believe the long and extended lead up to the day is detrimental to societies mental health. And … [Read more...]

An opinion piece on opinions

Everybody has an opinion. And we all feel the need to share it with anyone that may raise an eyebrow our way. It is human nature to tell others of our thoughts and experiences, but is it helpful? Basically whatever you are doing, you are doing it wrong. According to someone. This week I put an update on Facebook about Marriage Equality, which … [Read more...]

The Hot Flush – Episode 4

  Mrs Woog is poorly, Mrs Berry is forgetful and riding off the back of a week of unprecendent inexplicable rage. There's tea, solving the world's woes, the realisation we can blame everything on oestrogen and a fair wodge of opinion. Oh and Kim's pathological hatred of bike sharing. Please subscribe and tell your mates! World … [Read more...]

The Hot Flush Episode 3

Ok so this episode of The Hot Flush, The premiere podcast for the peri-menopausal IS NOT SAFE FOR WORK! Or children or churchgoers or anyone who intends to vote NO. Enter at your own risk. … [Read more...]