Date Night + GIVEAWAY

I first met Mr Woog when he was working at our local bookshop. I had made his acquaintance previously at random social events, and I always liked the cut of his jib. Which didn't say much about my taste as he wore head to toe bushmen wear, with elephant ear pants, a platted leather belt and RM Williams riding boots. I was a smitten kitten. It … [Read more...]

A weekend quickie with Tracey Spicer

Welcome to a new regular feature on ye old WoogsWorld. Who doesn't love a weekend quickie! I am approaching some women who I adore to spill the beans on some very average topics. Today we have the delightful Tracey Spicer, who has a new book out. I was lucky to be sent it a little earlier and my friends, I read it in one day. I just could not … [Read more...]

Mrs Woog Reviews – Dafni

I thought I had found the answer to all my prayers. Watching a television ad for a ceramic hairbrush that straightened your hair with a single stroke? I do not care how much it costed me. I was IN. And so then I forgot about it, and the excitement dissipated from my body for a week or so until I found myself recently at a shopping centre. Out of … [Read more...]