Help ‘Susan’ Out with Payk

This post is sponsored by PayK, a most excellent app. I want to tell you about the new group payments app, PayK and how it is a godsend at this time of year in particular. You know, when it’s time to organise the end of year gifts for your kid’s school teachers, your kid’s dance teachers, your kid’s coaches… all of those group gifts. It can … [Read more...]

As full as a tick in Spring!

This is a sponsored post to Bravecto. This is my cat Chuy. Most people think that he is named after Chewbacca from Star Wars but in fact, he is named after the American comedian Chelsea Handler’s personal assistant, a cheery bloke called Chuy Bravo. Chuy’s temperament has changed over the years. He is much crankier since getting a sister a … [Read more...]

What do you do when you don’t feel quite like yourself?

Sponsored by Bupa When it comes to the seasons, you are either a summer person, or a winter type of gal. I am the first to put up my hand to say that winter is a bit of a struggle for me. I loathe the cold, the short days, the drizzling rain, along with the freezing mornings, well it makes it hard for me to sling my weary ass out of bed, let … [Read more...]


A sponsored post for ABCMF  I do not eat eggs for breakfast.  I just don’t like them. I never have. My sister is the same. Perhaps there was eggy trauma had when we were little and we have suppressed it, but eggs are a no for me. If you search the hashtag BREAKFAST on Instagram, you might be surprised to find over 73 million photos of people … [Read more...]

Introducing Kids Helpline for Schools

Sponsored by Bupa It is thought the average human makes thirty five thousand decisions everyday, which is quite overwhelming if you really think about that number. And if you are like me, you try to make positive, good decisions, but as Robert Burns famously wrote, “The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry.” With my kids getting … [Read more...]

Are you up for the challenge?

Sponsored by Bupa With the kids back at school after the longest summer ever, (Seriously January! Sheesh!), I finally have some time to stop and take stock of things that tend to go by the wayside when we are not running to a schedule. Things like putting the house back together so our lives can run more smoothly. Finding a lunchbox under a bed … [Read more...]

What a Marvellous Catch!

Sponsored by Bupa   If you are anything like our family, if you shut your eyes right now you will hear the cry of cicadas, and the dulcet tones of Bill Lawry as he commentates the Ashes Test. The Ashes is the world famous cricket competition between Australia and England, and began back in 1877. It is constantly on at our place this … [Read more...]

Why the little moments matter

Brought to you by Bupa When I was four, I inherited my older sisters bike because she had grown out of it. It was a big day for me, as I watched my Mum screw back on the training wheels, long since abandoned by my bike-conquering sibling. I used to tear around the streets as I gained confidence. I got lucky, with only the occasional scraped … [Read more...]

As part of my therapy

Sponsored by the Australian Physiotherapy Association   2017, around these parts, will be remembered as the year that Mr. Woog did his back in. Deadlifting weights at the gym in a bid to stave off his inevitable mid-life crisis, he felt a little twinge in his lower back. Being the traditional Aussie fella, he took a dose of “She’ll … [Read more...]

Life is in the little things

Sponsored by Bupa  We are kind of pre-programmed in life, to hit the WOW factor. To be fabulous! To be the BEST Mum! To raise amazing kids and bake gluten free cupcakes. However, if you continue to live your life by societies rules, and not your own, it can leave one feeling overwhelmed, and exhausted. Life is not about the big things. It … [Read more...]