“I’d like to introduce you to who we call the Defiant Woman. And right now, she doesn’t give a shit about you.”

I was rattling around the kitchen this morning, making a coffee and listening to ABC Sydney. Wendy and Robbie had a guest on, one who I adore. I was lucky enough to work with Jane Waterhouse over the years and she is the most genius brain in publishing. Jane is the General Manager of Bauer Media and has spent the last fifteen years trying to … [Read more...]


These are the faces of life-long friends. These are the faces of 45. These are the faces that have avoided make-up for a month. This is basically an advertisement for the importance of sunscreen in your youth! These are the faces that where THRILLED to be sent handmade Pussy Hats from a reader/listener Susan. Please join us in this fortnights … [Read more...]