Packing for Panwa

My personal mantra is that you always need something to look forward to. It doesn't have to be big! Like after I finish writing this post I am planning to make a coffee and go and sit in this glorious sunshine with a copy of the Herald. I am also looking forward to no alarms going off in the morning for the next two weeks. I am not a winter person … [Read more...]

How to pack for Cambodia

About six months ago, Mum asked me whether I would like to chaperone her during a trip to Cambodia and Vietnam. I take this sort of responsibility very seriously and agreed. Because I am a good daughter like that. And ten days away from the circus was appealing. Last time I went overseas, I packed at the very last-minute and took far too much … [Read more...]

The WoogsWorld Hello Me 2017 Program IS FINALLY HERE!

When is the last time you looked into the mirror and said... “Hello me!” This year marks the third year of the WoogsWorld and Hello Me partnership. Our aim is to get women travelling again and to ESCAPE the mundane! Bringing groups of like-minded women together to focus on US! Over the years, we have seen women literally blossom before our … [Read more...]

Going to my happy place.

I was chatting to a mate this morning about how we were both coming back from a minor bout of the blues. And she was blaming social media, where she was watching people living these amazing lives, doing incredible things and comparing herself to them. Comparison is the total asshole thief of joy. This I know 100% to be true. Another mate in the … [Read more...]

A Map of Tassie

I get quite the sentiment from people that 2016 has been a bit of a bitch in general. For me, it has not been my favourite year to date. What about you? I had a lovely long chat to Mum this morning. She was on her way to the airport. For the first time since April, we talked about John without crying. In fact, we laughed! We laughed about how … [Read more...]

Things to do {and eat!} in Noosa.

I have been to Noosa three times now. The first two times were for work, and it was super busy so I didn't really get to just be. These school holidays, we were excited at the thought of going to Hawaii, but then a cat vet bill came in, causing a catastrophic hit to the old bank account, so our grand plans had to be somewhat scaled back. Mr. Woog … [Read more...]

What to do in Singapore

Myself, Mum, Horatio and Cousin Rosie were guests of Singapore Tourism Board When it comes to my initial thoughts about Singapore, the first two words that spring to mind are clean, and hot and because I am neither of these traits, how was I going to get along with this country, with me being the absolute opposite of these adjectives? Turns … [Read more...]

“Jane, this is another clematis!”

Woogs are travelling as guests of Singapore Tourism. Sometimes when the kids have been totally feral on the weekends, Mr. Woog will take them to the local nursery as punishment. I know this seems strange, but plants are universally boring for children, and they have acres of gardens to bitch and moan about while Mr. Woog can get some shopping … [Read more...]

Are you a social traveller?

Woogs are travelling thanks to Singapore Tourism Mum allows and extra 20 minutes to get through security screenings. Yesterday myself, Mum, Horatio and Cousin Rose stepped aboard our flight to Singapore with no incident, which is very rare for me. Usually I like to forget my flight, lose my passport and or lose a child, but having Mum here, who … [Read more...]

How to buy walking shoes.

  I am taking it as a sign. My first official slide into middle age. Today I am going to buy a pair of comfortable "walking" shoes. You see I leave for Singapore tomorrow with Horatio, Mum and Cousin Rose for five jam-packed days of looking at all things Singaporean. Singapore Tourism has enquired whether my mother was in a fit enough … [Read more...]