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SawHole – The Doctor is In.

When she is not working out with her personal trainer or carrying out Jury Duty, SawHole is doing what she does best. Advising WoogsWorld readers on how to deal with issues with all the sensitivity and tact that she is famous for.If you have a burning issue, email Sawhole c/o [email protected] or go to the chemist and get a cream for it.Dear … [Read more...]

SawHole takes on K-Perk

Handing the keyboard today over to SawHole, who has a supreme rant up her sleeve on the issue of celebrity endorsements. You may have read about my thoughts on this before. Once upon a time, in a far away land, I worked at a publication called Absolutely No Choice.While at the publication, I quickly befriended Miss Chocolate Brownie, who not only … [Read more...]

Saturdays with a Vengeful SawHole

Today's Saturdays with Sawhole is a tale of betrayal and revenge. It is not pretty. If you want to hear how mature adults handle a break up, click here. If you want to hear how SawHole does break ups, read on.....It is time that I, SawHole, faced the music. Almost 20 years ago, I organised a group of people to harass a young man named Maggot. … [Read more...]

SawHole reporting from Stocko this Saturday

Sawhole lives in a suburb of Newcastle called Stockton. But she calls it Stocko because if you are an Australian, you tend to an a O to the end of most things.Stocko appears to be under attack, so we sent Sawhole out onto the streets to investigate.Those who know Stocko would think the most likely attackers would be Baby Boomers in big caravans … [Read more...]

Happy Birthday SawHole!

Happy Birthday to Australia's Favourite Blogger that does not have a Blog. She has advised dozens of readers from around the world in her role as Agony Aunt. She has managed to keep on top of her duties at the WoogsWorld Merchandising Manager She has offered to be my surrogate if ever I need one. She has a heart of gold and a determination of … [Read more...]

Growing Up in Lithgow – SawHole Style.

SawHole has finally emerged from her merkin glue sourcing assignment in Russia and has finished unpacking my bags from Bali. So as a treat, I am unleashing her onto you.Mrs Woog has asked me to write about growing up in Lithgow. Her experiences in my home town have obviously made her want to learn more about a place that can not only breed an … [Read more...]

Summer Holidays with SawHole

My summer holiday has been budget, very budget.We had planned to grace my hometown of Lithgow with our presence but then a local accommodation provider tried to extort $250 a night from us. I think she had mistaken me for some Blue Mountains day tripper straight off the Tiger Airways flight from downtown Singapore because I know that 'cottage' was … [Read more...]

The Ultimate Saturdays with SawHole Christmas Gift Guide Featuring Matt Damon and a Humping Dog

I have no idea why Mrs Woog is asking me to advise on Christmas gifts because I am a proud gifter of ridiculous presents and this trait goes way back in time.The battle of the ridiculous present started with a large, ugly, loudly-ticking clock, which I had received from the Divine Miss M's father, Mr Tony.As far as I was concerned, it was game on … [Read more...]

Holy Mother of SawHole.

This Saturday SawHole addresses the issue of same sex parenting. "Premier Anna Bligh's surrogacy law has allowed two men to bring a baby boy into the world fully intending that this baby will never have a mother," Dr David van Gend said."That shameful act violates the child's fundamental right to enter the world as all of us did - with at least the … [Read more...]

SawHole weighs in on the Amazon Debate. And she is not happy!

Today I will continue being a little ray of sunshine to inform you of something so disgusting that it defies description. Amazon, the American online book store, absolutely lost the plot this week when it defended the sale of a 'how-to' guide for pedophiles. They were marketing a book called The Pedophile’s Guide to Love and Pleasure. It almost … [Read more...]