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Aunty Pat’s Annual Christmas Message

Much like the Queen, Aunty Pat has thousands of fans throughout the world. And much like the Queen, she has been delivering her annual Christmas address for years now. Today we all gather at Dad's place for our Christmas Catch Up, but there will be one place setting that will remain spare. For you see Aunty Pat has had to go to her Great Grand … [Read more...]

Aunty Pat Bounces Back!

Many of you may remember Aunty Pat from such memorable Christmas Messages such as the offering in 2011, and subsequently in 2012.Aunty Pat has lived her 84 years as a hard working, honest, church going woman, who got a little closer to her God this week than she wanted to. You see, she suffered a stroke which landed her as a guest of the local … [Read more...]

Winners and a Very Special Christmas Message from Aunty Pat

Thank for all the entries in the Win a Kaftan by Annalisa! The lucky lady who will be swanning around in her brand new kaftan is Danielle Crismani.Is this YOU? Please email me at [email protected] pronto!Also, please check this post and see if you were lucky enough to win the Caffitaly Coffee Prize! The last giveaway for the year will be posted … [Read more...]

My Aunty Pat’s Tips on Staying Young.

Inspiring no? … [Read more...]

The Rhythm of Life

Years and years ago, when I was a kid, there was a gas ad on the television in which little people dressed as flames danced around to the tune of The Rhythm of Life. I would hear it even from another room and race in to dance around to that tune. I was quite the performer, very dramatic. And quite "angsty", for want of a better adjective. And … [Read more...]

How do you get your glee?

How do you get your glee? I rubbed my hands with glee when presented with my lunch yesterday! Since having Isobel Barbara join the Woog clan, there is one emotion that I get to experience every single day. Glee. In Isobel world, everything is delightful. When we go for our daily walk, she prances down the street with her ears pricked … [Read more...]

…..a little bit of news

For years we have talked about getting a dog. I love all dogs and quite often stop people in the street so I can pat their pup. There was always an argument about which kind to get. Horatio wanted a shih-zu while Jack wanted a Pomeranian. Mr. Woog wanted none of it but was out-voted. So I present to you.... our new SHITERANIAN! Her name is … [Read more...]

What not to wear.

Aunty Pat turned 87 this week and has been granted another 2 years of driving, thanks to the RTA. I thought about her today, as I was shopping. You see a few years ago I was at a family get together, when Aunty Pat complimented me on my dress, which was a Camilla kaftan. She asked me where I got it and so I told her. "I was in Millers … [Read more...]

How old are you?

I had the most excellent response to a blog post I wrote last week about getting older. So today, I thought we should revisit something I wrote about recently, about getting MUCH older. Bugger these 40's and 50's bullshit. What the hell will I be like in retirement? Read on... This week I read the dullest article on growing old gracefully. It … [Read more...]

Glamour Granny

Yesterday we celebrated Dad's 70th Birthday with a knees up in his backyard. Dad cannot believe he is 70. He told me when he was my age, and someone turned 70, they were followed around with embalming fluid. But he feels terrific, looks great thanks to a new personal trainer, and announced that he will be retiring in July. He retired once … [Read more...]