Attack of the Self Licking Ice Cream

Pollie Waffle, our underground political reporter, writes exclusively for WoogsWorld. Aren't we lucky to have her? But hopefully not for much linger as the worlds longest campaign continues..... Well what an uninspiring week in Australian politics. I am vacillating between furious anger and eye rolling boredom every few hours during this … [Read more...]

On staying classy

I only became aware of different classes in society when I learnt about serfdom at primary school. You see, a Lord would lend a plot of land to a serf, who would culstivate the soil and grow shit, giving most of it back to the Lord while chomping down on the leftovers. Look, I am sure that it is far more intricate than that, but I can hardly … [Read more...]

Electric Vehicles, Dead Cats and the Circus

Our intrepid reporter Polly Waffle has admitted to me that she is "forlorn over the politics in this country." but has still taken the time for the best "non-spin" take on what the hell is going on. Please, make her feel welcome. What do electric vehicles, dead cats and the circus have in common? Australian politics, that’s what. In an … [Read more...]

Pollie Waffle on the 2019 Budget

Our lovely friend Pollie Waffle is back this week, and despite being hit with the flu, she has dragged herself from her bed to her couch to give you her un-biased opinion of last nights Budget. Budget night for political junkies is like Christmas eve. Except this year. With the federal election hurling towards us and a budget that has just … [Read more...]