Your Colours

This week I am planning a tactical and thoughtful assault on my wardrobe. I am not sure if all this Marie Kondo shit has subliminally sunk into my psyche, but the urge is real. Horatio wants me to get rid of all of my feminist slogan t-shirts that I wear to canteen duty, but I will not be silenced by the juvenile patriarchal society! But the … [Read more...]

The Pros & Cons of The Boilersuit

A new fashion trend has come to my attention and I am just not sure what to make of it. Featuring heavily at recent fashion weeks in Paris and New York, it is a garment that I think is just as divisive as Crocs. Originally worn by men maintaining coal-fired boilers, it has now filtered down from the Stella McCartneys and Gucci's of the world to … [Read more...]